New project : heat recovery

Heat recovery unit after engines and other combustion gases  ( steam, water or thermal oil )


stoomrecuperatie3 stoomrecuperatie2


Quality and efficiency are without a doubt crucial in your company..

You also want to get the best out of your steam

Based on 30 year experience we can offer you an appropriate solution for your thermal energy demand. Our constructions are in accordance with the newest technologies and european directives for pressure equipment and environmental demands.

Vapotech and RCB are two dynamic companies who continually develop new technologies. Therefore we can offer you a series of steamboilers which comply to the demand of the market. Through a constructive cooperation we can offer an efficient, competitive and high end product.

Our strengths:
– Flexible design
– Large workshop
– Made-to-measure product
– Quick and correct deliveries

2_stoomketel-vlampijpketel wkk-warmtekrachtkoppeling

warmterecuperatie vapotech-stoomketels